• Kamine Phelps Construction Law Firm is well-versed in the negotiations involving change orders,
    whether you need to submit them or contest them.

  • When adverse conditions affect your ability to perform your job, Kamine Phelps Litigation Attorneys
    can step in and resolve your issues.

  • From bid protests to subcontractor claims, Kamine Phelps Construction Lawyers work with you
    every step to guard against costly project delays.

  • Let Kamine Phelps Construction Attorneys assist you in bidding, ensuring that your company gets
    the projects it needs.

  • Kamine Phelps Construction Lawyers have years of experience in heavy industry construction litigation,
    including pipline construction.

California Construction Law Firm

KAMINE PHELPS, P.C. is a Los Angeles based construction law firm that has been helping contractors, subcontractors, sureties, and owners prevent and resolve disputes on construction projects since 1976. In addition to private works, our construction lawyers have extensive experience with state and local government projects. KAMINE PHELPS, P.C. represents its clients through all stages of a construction project, from planning and bidding, to construction litigation and dispute resolution.

KAMINE PHELPS, P.C.s cases range from breach of contract (e.g., extra work, differing site conditions, change orders, delays, and acceleration issues); to mechanics lien and stop notice actions; to multi-million dollar delay, disruption and changed conditions claims for major works of improvement and other construction litigation issues that arise, including subcontractor claims and material supplier claims.

Our construction law firm represents clients on issues arising from non-responsive bids or non-responsible bidders, or-equal submittals,

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and payment and performance bond claims.  We draft and review contracts, and provide litigation support in other business and real estate matters.  We help contractors demonstrate compliance with MBE/WBE/DBE goals and become certified as MBE/WBE/DBEs.

KAMINE PHELPS, P.C. provides support at all stages of litigation, from pre-trial assistance to verdict to appellate review. Our construction attorneys are licensed in California and Colorado.